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RE: [K12OSN] 'who' lies about users...

k12osn-bounces redhat com wrote:
> k12osn-bounces redhat com wrote:
>> Trond,
>> the 'who' command relies on entries in the utmp and wtmp files.
>> It's usually up to the display manager (GDM,XDM,KDM) to add the
>> entries to the utmp files, and remove the entries when you log out.
>> Over the years various display managers have been setup correctly or
>> incorrectly to do that.  It varies alot by distribution, version and
>> display manager.
>> Take a look at the ltsp.org contrib page, Derek Dresser wrote an
>> article about how to set up the session scripts to keep the utmp
>> files updated. 
>> Jim McQuillan
>> jam Ltsp org

I followed the how-to and changed from GDM to KDM since the how-to
applied to KDM. Now I can track users by using the 'last' command. I
don't like the output from 'last', it's rather messy and gives a lot
more information than I need.

Unfortunately, the 'who' command still fails. It still returns only one
user when 'last' gives me 16. I have 5 LTSP servers based on K12LTSP
4.0.1 and every one of them behaves like this. So it's not an isolated
error on one server. They all use LDAP for login and IceWM for the

Any suggestions? 


Trond Mæhlum 

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