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Re: [K12OSN] Gigabit headach

Now that is interesting. I've got Cisco Catalyst 3500 and 3550 switches, and things work just fine. I've also done it with a BayStack 450T w/ Gig-E and things worked fine. I've also successfully done it with Amer.com's 48 port version of the same switch (SR48G2i), and things worked. However, every K12LTSP server that I run uses fiber; I simply haven't yet tried it with copper Gig-E, but it should work fine. I know that others on the list run copper Gig-E and say that it's just dandy.

The Cat5 spec provides for 100m (328ft) "total run" length, which means that you can expect to reasonably get away with about 90m (just over 270ft). If you're not even getting DHCP, then that tells me that nothing's seeing your server. Make doubly sure that you've done all your crimping right, because while Gig-E does work across both Cat5 and 5e, you've got to make sure things are done just right--crimping, patch panel punch-down, etc. The tolerances for 100Mb are lower than for 1Gb.

One quickie way to test if that switch's Gig-E port is working or not is to try the second Gig-E port (SRxxG2 switches have two). Are you getting a link light on your switch when you plug in the server?


Duane Wilson wrote:

I took everyones advice and bought the amer.com SR24G2.

Installed it between server and terminals.

Tried to boot terminals all at once - nada!
   Would not even get DHCP

Tried one terminal.
   Got DHCP but choked on 'loading vmlinuz'

There is about 230 ft. of cat Ve from the server to the AR24G2.

Is that too far?
Did I crimp the end wrong? (It works fine when connected to the old 100 Mbit)
Is my switch bad?


Thanks, Duane Wilson

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