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Re: [K12OSN] knoppix cluster


Would you mind posting how you got it working from a hard disk installation ? (A step by step approach would be really appreciated) :-)


garret ruffdogs com wrote:

We've tested the knoppix terminal server on a network with 20+ clients. A little work was involved, but it works very well. We have also been able to get it working in a cluster environments using knoppix and Mandrake.


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>>i have gotten two thin clients to connect to a Knoppix server, but the
>>performance was so bad (nothing was on HD, all live in RAM on an otherwise
>>underpowered server box in the first place). while knoppix itself is
>>great hardware detection, the default X client config stuff was so far
>>off, that i just sort of said yup, it works. sort of. since my clients
>>are all basic junkers, the increase i could (potentially) gain by
>>clustering them was far lost in the admin overhead being sent over the
>>same wire.
>>on another Knoppix-related note, a new version of Knoppix Security Tools
>>Distribution just came out. very stripped down, full of nothing but
>>network and OS tools. they went to Fluxbox only, because KDE in RAM (even
>>w/swap) can be quite a load on an older machine.
>>all the basic Knoppix hardware detection, loaded up with tons of tools.
>>since most of us here deal with network administration, this is one of the
>>best all in one packages there can be. save your /home to a USB key or
>>floppy, and you have your favorite testing environment that is very
>>knoppix-std.org there is a very active forum, and despite what you may
>>think at looking at the list of progs, this is not a 31337 script-kiddie
>>place. check out your own network, before the bad guys do (or the 11th
>>grade network class). >>
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