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Re: [K12OSN] Clients not booting

--- Bob Karschnia <bobk mn rr com> wrote:
> Any simple way to test this?
> > I recently had a situation where I added a
> workstation
> > which couldn't see the network. The network line
> > worked with a 10Mb nic but not a 100MB nic. As it
> > turned out,  the installer wired the pairs
> > consecutively across the connector rather than
> pairs
> > 1,2 and 3,6. I replaced the connectors at each end
> of
> > the cable and things worked just fine. Make sure
> you
> > have CAT 5 wire which is wired properly.

The CAT 5 part is easy, it should be printed on the
cable. Without a cable tester the other might be a
little difficult. If your cables are commercially made
you are probably ok. If not, and you have a commercial
patch cord you could test the 100Mb switch with that.
If that isn't an option the you could try looking at
the connector itself. When holding the connector with
the gold contacts facing up and end away from you the
pins are numbered 1-8 from left to right. I have used
the following color pattern for the last 12+ years
with 100% reliability at 10Mb and 100Mb.

  1 - White Orange (sometimes White Red)
  2 - Orange
  3 - White Green
  4 - Blue
  5 - White Blue
  6 - Green
  7 - White Brown
  8 - Brown

I chose this color pin-out because it is what Panduit
wall plates used. AFAIK, standard fast ethernet uses
pins 1 & 2 for one pair and 3 & 6 for the other pair.
I'm not sure what uses pins 4 & 5 and 7 & 8 but I wire
them any way because it is easier than skipping them
and I assume provides future expansion possibilities.

I hope this helps.

David D. Nelson
nelsda yahoo com

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