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Re: [K12OSN] Data Base applications

John P. Conlon wrote:

I can see that I need to restate my original query. Our school is thinking about a possible class to teach/familiarize 6th graders with a variety of of applications. What we would want in this case is a GUI type data Base application more in line with Ashton-Tate's DBase IV. Students would build mostly text field data bases and then manipulate them to compare, sort, or arrange the data.

Hi John,

Just to make sure this answer makes its way to the top of your list of programs to checkout, here's a link to the GPL version of Rekall <http://www.rekallrevealed.org/> - while I've not used it, a quick perusal of the screen shots reveal it to be very Access-like, so it looks like it should suit your needs.

Rekall is a pure front-end, meaning you will need to be running a database server in the background, and I would heartily recommend MySQL. Although many people use Access as both a front-end and the database manager, it is not uncommon to use Access as the front-end to a MS SQL server, so this arrangement is hardly unusual.

A big advantage for you, if you have advanced students that want to develop web sites with a database backend, is that once you have the MySQL server up and running, you can use many different programming languages to access it. For example, our district website uses PHP connecting to a MySQL backend, but I have other applications that use Perl to talk to the DB, and I have even used both Excel and Access to pull data from it as well. In other words, having the DB separate from the front-end has a lot of advantages.

Hope this helps,

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