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Re: [K12OSN] Re: up2date problem SOLVED

Ken Barber wrote:

But the problem with Les' answer (above), as I saw it, was that we need a *repository*, not just any old mirror.

Subsequent research led me to this nice article, apparently written by one of yum's maintainers:


... wherein I learned that anyone can become a repository by downloading the updates (presumably via rsync) and "yummifying" the directory that holds them.
I did this for fedora systems at work and home and it works great. In a nutshell, rsync from a close mirror to a local directory. Make that directory visible via http or ftp. Then reconfigure yum.conf to use the local http/ftp location. I then wrapped rsync into a script and placed in /etc/cron.daily so the local repository would stay up to date. I can post my rsync script if anyone is interested.



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