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Re: [K12OSN] Re: up2date problem SOLVED

dalen wrote:

Ken Barber wrote:


... wherein I learned that anyone can become a repository by downloading the updates (presumably via rsync) and "yummifying" the directory that holds them.

I did this for fedora systems at work and home and it works great. In a nutshell, rsync from a close mirror to a local directory. Make that directory visible via http or ftp. Then reconfigure yum.conf to use the local http/ftp location. I then wrapped rsync into a script and placed in /etc/cron.daily so the local repository would stay up to date. I can post my rsync script if anyone is interested.


I'd love to see your script. I'm pretty sure I could create one like it, even with my meager scripting skills, but don't have the time right now since the semester is just starting here at my real job.

This could be a real time saver for me...



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