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Re: [K12OSN] Whitebox Linux differences?

Les Mikesell wrote:

There is a real trade-off here in that you don't get any enhancements
for those long cycles even though thousands of developers are doing
a lot of hard work making improvements.  RedHat up till now has done
backports of the security related bug fixed into older versions while
omitting the enhancements and API changes that might break other things
and I assume that will continue for RHEL.  However this just puts off
the pain of a real upgrade and makes it more drastic when it comes, plus
it causes trouble when you want to install new programs that depend on
up to date support.  As an example, I'm still running RH 7.3 on several
boxes and the latest available sendmail update still doesn't include
milter support so MimeDefang (etc.) can be installed, I'm starting to
find programs that need perl 5.8+, and the stock IMAP server leaves a
lot to be desired. I had good reasons for not cycling these machines
through RH8/9/fedora (apache2/mod_perl, mostly) but it has reached a
point where I really miss the stuff on the fedora boxes and I'm not sure
I want to let things go that long again without upgrading.

The solution to that is to compile from source. I do this all the time; it's how I keep OpenSSH and OpenSSL upgraded, and it really isn't that hard. If you're hip to milter support, then I'd say you're pretty savvy anyway. You may find Courier-IMAP a nice alternative to the stock UW-IMAP server, and I agree that UW-IMAP leaves a bit to be desired by today's standards. This way, you can leave your stock Apache/mod_perl stuff in place and just upgrade those apps that you need. Part of a proper security lockdown is only installing that which you actually need anyhoo.

And make sure you've got a spare server to do your testing of the new distro before you put it into production!

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