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Re: [K12OSN] OFF-Topic: search for PPC Knoppix

Petre Scheie wrote:
Please post a follow-up of how the knoppix-for-ppc disk works out. I forwarded your message and a couple others to the Tech Director in our district, encouraging him to try it. Unfortunately, I don't have a PPC Mac to try it myself.


anthony baldwin wrote:

Gentoo's : http://www.gentoo.org/news/20030603-ppclivecd.xml

I ended up downloading and trying this Gentoo CD.
I had trouble configurein the xserver. When I finally got it up, I'd had to compromise resolution and color (256 colors at 800x600 on my iBook that wil run millions of colors at 1024x728 or whatever) or its all stripey and unusable, as though the autodetction had chosen improper refresh rates or something..
Most apps ran very nicley. I played with OOo, KOffice apps, Patience (of course, most important app), KHangman. OpenOffice.org was much quicker with the linux than the Mac version. Actually, running KDE with Fink looks better, due to the video issues, and, to tell the truth, I couldn't really discern a difference in speed between running many of my favorite KDE apps with Fink or from teh cd. If anything, using Fink on Jaguar might be faster than the Gentoo cd was.
An external mouse was not detected, and the mouse/fingerpad was slightly over sensitive rendering navigation difficult, too.
I would be reluctant to use this CD for a demo at school (used FreEduc last year for a very successful demo in my last district), simply due to the poor video quality. At least, I would not use it with my iBook.
Who knows, someone who knows what they're doing better than I do might have more success.
I have not tried the Debian Knoppix for PPC.
Maybe next weekend.


Anthony Baldwin

Freedom to Learn!

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