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Re: [K12OSN] OpenOffice or StarOffice on K12LTSP 3.12

Jason Straw wrote:

PDF as a graphic document (contrary to adobes claims)

actually pdf is a very interesting type of thing... some of the simple
pdfs are not graphic documents, they're a postscript (from what I've
read) with compression and/or encryption... but that's an argument for
adobe, not me.

I will have to go read section 508 since it seems that what you are saying would be trouble for any document in a proprietary format. There must be a loophole for word processing documents.

yea, they have proprietary screen readers that work with their file
formats, talk about vendor lock in (and I think pdf has one as well.)

Are there free screen readers for the native file formats used by Star/OpenOffice (.sxw, .sxc, etc.), and if so, does anybody on the list know their current state of development?


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