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Re: [K12OSN] perhaps a radical idea

Quentin Hartman wrote:

On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 10:32, Richard K. Ingalls wrote:

Keep in mind the target audience of K12LTSP. Who is the target audience? For me, I believe the target audience is comprised of people like me: Linux newbies and unofficial technology gurus at our schools (probably also full-time teachers, not techies). In other words, Keep It Simple! As long as this project is relatively simple, then newbies can download and install and have a working classroom lab in a very short time. All the tweaking, editing and configuring at the command line or using editors gets to be overwhelming to a newbie (I speak from experience here).

That is the target audience, you are correct, and this would not deviate
from those goals for that audience. I mean one could just post
instructions to the wiki on how to do all of the customization that is
now being done automatically. I think that is what you are envisioning,
but it is not at all what I propose we consider. I propose that we
consider working towards taking all of that intelligence and
customization and move it out of the Redhat installer into a more
distro-neutral system that can be applied to a variety of distros to not
only add some flexibility to the project, but to hopefully reduce
long-term management overhead by making it necessary to maintain a hand
full of packages instead of effectively an entire distribution, and to
hopefully get more people involved in building it, and to insulate the
project from outside forces by not putting all of our eggs in one

I think I understand your vision a little better now. That sounds great. If it can be kept simple for the newbies like me. Is this a scenario you envision: newbie hears about Linux and picks a distro to download. newbie hears about K12LTSP and downloads the "scripts" you're talking about. Then types "emerge K12ltsp" at a terminal and minutes later the two become one? That sounds cool.

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