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RE: [K12OSN] Retrieve DVD Player via Yum

You are very correct in that there is no "pressing" need.  The interest
for DVD playback is on many levels, however I was intrigued by a post
about a month ago regarding DVD playback from the server to a lab of
machines for student viewing.  Part of the reasoning is that if I go
Linux in most of our schools I want to go all the way, Admins, Teachers,
Labs, etc.  A lot of admin use the laptops at home and at school and
would want a DVD player on the local machine, we also have a recruitment
team that plays a promotional DVD on their laptops for potential
customers when on the road.  Also I have been using this as my main
system at home to get more familiar with LTSP so a DVD player there is
nice. I guess I have been taking the lazy way out and loading LTSP on
everything, instead of using it for its true purpose only on servers.
It is just cool to have an easy way to get all of the educational apps
on the fat machines without installing RH then the educational programs.
I guess I shouldn't be lazy :-)  Sorry to bother.

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Remember the audience--education.  I just haven't seen a pressing need 
for DVD watching, on your server, in an educational aspect, so that may 
be why you're seeing that after a LTSP server-type install.  That said, 
remember that K12LTSP 3.1.x is based on Red Hat Linux 9.  I run K12LTSP 
3.1.1 on my workstation at the office, and Xine is on it, from the 
install CD's.  You may have to choose to install individual apps to get 
that, though.

Also, if you intend to watch CSS-encrypted DVD's with Xine (that'd be 
most store-bought movie DVD's), you'll need the DeCSS library.  That's 
not going to be on the install CD of any GNU/Linux distribution 
"officially" made or sold in the United States.  That work is done 
outside of the USA, for legal reasons.  I've heard that it works, but I 
just haven't tried it myself.


Jim Kronebusch wrote:

> I hate when I find the answer myself minutes after posting to the 
> list.
> I just found on FreshRPMS a sample yum.conf and pulled the servers
> from their list and added it to mine and viola, it worked.  That sure 
> made a tough project easy, I ran "yum install xine" and it was running

> in about 5 minutes.  Cool
> Is there a reason that the LTSP default servers don't have as robust a
> library for apps as some others? It sure would have been handy if no 
> config mods were necessary, but now I know how to solve it.
> Thanks
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>     *To:* k12osn redhat com
>     *Subject:* [K12OSN] Retrieve DVD Player via Yum
>     Hey Les, I am hoping you can help me with this one based off of
>     your past email.  I have another box with LTSP 3.1.2 on it and
>     wanted to try a yum install for Xine on a machine that wan't hosed
>     up with my testing.  However it returns an error saying that there
>     is no program by that name when I issue "yum install xine".  Is
>     there another yum repository I should be adding to my yum.conf in
>     order to have a broader program base than what is in the default? 
>     Maybe this would help me with some of the problems I have been
>     having.  I tried to add FreshRPMS to the list but I clearly don't
>     know what the heck I am doing.  >From what I can tell it is
>     supposed to be available.
>     Thanks

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