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RE: [K12OSN] Retrieve DVD Player via Yum

I thought I would quick give you guys an idea of what I was thinking
with the DVD distribution from the server.  Right now our campus has a
Dynacom/Safari Video Distribution system running from a head end with
fiber to all classrooms.  Our workstations in the classroom have
projectors hooked up with a program on each machine called Mac/Win
Remote.  The head end has 6 DVD players and 30 VCR's along with some 12
cable tuners a couple digital radio recievers and so on.  The teachers
are able to select any input from the head end display it remotely on
their projectors in the classroom or just simply listen to the radio
feeds.  Movies are dropped off in a box in the morning and I program
them up for access for whatever duration they want.  This is a pretty
cool way to share a few resources from a central location to our
buildings around campus and on the other end of town.  Downside is the
system was installed with a Grant for about $500,000 in 1996 and is
starting to fail without money to fix it.  

I thought this idea was a good start to figuring out how Linux could be
used to provide a lower dollar solution to K12 or even Colleges.  I am
not really thinking of using this locally in the same lab but more for a
campus wide distribution (otherwise a local projector would be far
better than sending to clients).  I don't know if you could build a box
with multiple source inputs and let users select from them through a
terminal and display them remotely or not with some sort of gui with
dropdowns.  It just got the wheels turning.  Someone with far more
knowledge than myself could probably make pretty good money if they
could package such a system.

Just figured I should fill you in on my madness :-)

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Les Mikesell wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 23:10, Les Bell wrote:
>>I've been having quite good results with Ogle; I didn't do anything 
>>special about DeCSS, so it must have been one of the standard packages

>>I grabbed to install it. See http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/groups/dvd/ 
>>(Oh, yeah - I see the reference to libdvdcss on the Ogle site. No 
>>problem installing it, though).
> The videolan client/server might be a nice fit for k12ltsp.  You would

> want the client running as a local app on the terminal and the 
> multicast mode of the server if you wanted to drive
> more than a few screens.   The client as a local app would
> be able to play DVD/VCD/SVCD format on the desktop too.
> ---
>   Les Mikesell
>    les futuresource com

OK, let me chime in on this one.  About a year ago I "tried" to get 
Ogle to work on the server but didn't have success.  Now I realize it 
was probably the DeCSS library... BUT, on to my question...

How can I make it so that the teacher can use the DVD drive on the 
server to show movies to her class?  She will have access to an LCD 
projector, so I'll just attach the projector to the server and display 
it from there.

Richard K. Ingalls
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Glenwood R-8 School District
West Plains, MO

email..ringalls at glenwood.k12.mo.us

"Glenwood R-8: home of the mustangs!"

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