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Re: [K12OSN] Client Display/Boot Problem

>>David Beach wrote:
>>the server. However, as it nears the end of booting, some message comes up
>>about difficulty the video card then the screen goes blank. And stays that

>It sounds like your monitor can't handle the resolution the ati card (the
>mach64 is a great card BTW) is defaulting to. You want to edit the file:

>/opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf (I think that's the right path)

Well, I tried Shaun's suggestion and, lo and behold, I have a desktop! I
just 'uncommented' a line for a 72Hz, 640 X 480 screen and it worked.

EDULIX offered some more detailed info and I am still ploughing through

However... I now get the desktop with an "X" cursor but that's it - nothing
more. The cursor moves around - clicking does nothing nor does anything else
I do seem to help! So although it is 'frozen' part way through the boot
process, it hasn't completely 'locked up.'

For the moment, I will try some fiddling around but, once again, if anyone
can direct me where to look, debugging suggestions (or what questions I
should be asking!), chip in.

Thanks again for the help.

David Beach
Picton, ON

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