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[K12OSN] Macintosh 5500 Install Instructions

Those folks that were interested in what I was doing with my old macintosh workstations to boot to the LTSP servers -- I have documented my initial progress.

I tried to put stuff on the wiki a few times, but couldn't seem to log in. I tried to make a new account, but for some reason I couldn't. (Possibly and ID10T error)

Anyway, it's on my website. There's not much else on my website, but since I use my site for work purposes now, I will be more likely to put linuxy stuff on it. Here's a direct link to the story, and if anyone wants to wiki it -- feel free. I just couldn't get it to work a few weeks ago when I tried.


Hope this benefits someone. :)

(BTW, my headache has lessened a bit from earlier -- I hope my advice was comprehensible regarding the blank monitor!)


-- Shawn Powers Technology Director Inland Lakes Schools PHN: 231-238-6868 x9174 FAX: 509-356-7024 spowers inlandlakes org http://techcorner.inlandlakes.org

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