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Re: [K12OSN] Samba/LDAP and the near future

Steve Wright wrote:

On Wed, 2004-03-10 at 03:17, Christopher K. Johnson wrote:

[....] logins getting same desktop and home are another matter, particularly with T1 bandwidth and the additional performance degredation of latency site to site for the encryption of VPN. [...] Chances are this is something quite practical for a very small number of traveling people, if they would live with some performance degredation, but not practical on a large scale.

I have spent some time on the task of distributing filesystems(desktops) and basically I have drawn a blank. You have one mean feat ahead of you replicating /home dirs over a T1, unless you only have 20 or so users.

You might consider scripting an rysnc to the other site on logout - a
poor mans' distributed Desktop..  As long as the users do not have huge
files coming and going there should be no strife.

Or you might upgrade to fibre ;-)

For the limited number of users with T1 connections I was thinking more along the lines of remote login or vnc type access from alternate sites, not replicating home directories.

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