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Re: [K12OSN] VNC related question-hi norbert

On Tue, 16 Mar 2004, norbert wrote:
> Just a couple of points;
> 1) All the external users have a high-speed internet connection, either
> cable-modem or DSL.
> 2) With the LTSP server connected directly to the cable-modem VNC
> connections are fine, no bottle-neck nor any slowdown.
> However we need to "secure" the site and wanted to insert a firewall
> between the modem and the LTSP server, hence the question.
> Therefore both an IP forwarding and a port forwarding needs to be done ?
> Could you give me an example ?

	the IP forwarding is not necessary if you use ssh and open ssh
access on the firewall - this is actually pretty secure when you  keep ssh
	This is how it works when you connect as "julius" to computer
"turtle": on the client issue the following command: ssh -f -C -L
5900:turtle:5900 -l julius turtle /bin/sleep 3600 what it all means: -f -
go into background after asking for passphrase, -C - compression on, level
determined by ssh.conf, -L - forward local port 5900 to 5900 on host
turtle, -l - connect as julius, /bin/sleep - run that on turtle (to make
sure that connection doesn't go away - i've run into quirky sshd
now that ssh is running in the background on the client, run the following
on the client:
this will connect you to host turtle, as per -L option.

if you don't run vncserver as the service on your server, replace
/bin/sleep with vncserver command.

good luck, julius

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