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Re: [K12OSN] Configuring PXE Booting


With K12LTSP, the T-150's really do work right out of the box.

You shouldn't have to change anything.

We test all the T-150's with k12ltsp-4, and they work great.

Those instructions are more for straight ltsp.

Jim McQuillan
jam Ltsp org

On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Jim Kronebusch wrote:

> I have just recieved my fancy new Term150's.  The instructions are
> pretty straight forward but I seem to not have the files needed.  It
> references to use /lts/kernelinfo/pxelinux.0 and I cannot find these
> files.  Where should I be looking (I have just loaded WBEL with Eric's
> LTSP info)?  Can I yum a new set of PXE files?
> I have to admit I am somewhat bummed, the site said out-of-the-box
> ready, but I have to modify the dhcpd.conf to work with them, and now
> the instructions vary from what I actually have.
> Of course maybe it is my fault for not running the standard LTSP
> package.
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