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[K12OSN] OT: If you MUST use windows (PXES Thin Clients)

Sadly, some of us must....

I know this isn't exactly the stuff we talk about here, but I've gotten
SO many good ideas off this list, I thought I'd try to return the

We've been faced with the fact that our tiny budget won't allow us to
replace as many workstations as we need to. I tried to push LTSP, but
with no luck  so far. Thes second best solution, though, has been to set
up a Windows 2003 terminal server, and use a distro of Linux called PXES
to turn our old hardware into thin (or at least less thick) clients.
PXES may be what you're looking for if you can't make the jump all the
way to K12LTSP. 


It's amazingly easy to get going, as long as you have a Linux box
running Gnome to set up the configuration program that creates the
install package. 

Doug Gough

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