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RE: [K12OSN] time problem

Only idea I have is it's using the time from the bios?
Have you tried setting that?


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Subject: [K12OSN] time problem

I am seeing a very strange problem with some of our terminals.  They are
not displaying the correct time.  The LTSP server is set up to use the
NTP server time.nist.gov  and that works fine but not all the terminals
display the correct time.  Only some of them do.  The rest are off by 5
hours and I cannot imagine why.  

We're still on the RedHat 9 version because its just been so stable. 
The computer teacher is a MS person and he told me today that the LTSP
system is the most stable he has ever seen.  I only support the system
in my spare time.

Does anybody know how some terminals can display different times than


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