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Re: [K12OSN] OpenOffice won't print

There is a command you must run from Ooo as a regular user first before it
will work for you.

Check out the OO.org website.  It has the instructions on it.  I had to do
this on a suse box before it would work for a regular user.



On 3/24/04 10:06 PM, "Caleb Wagnon" <cwagnon redbugmail k12 ar us> wrote:

> Burke Almquist said:
>> How did you set up your OOo install?
>> Check profile permissions, that might give you/us some clues.
> Huh? =)
> I have a printer setup in cups (hp4300)
> I added eric's yum repos to my whitebox yum and ran "yum install openoffice" I
> logged in as root and cranked up openoffice. Typed something...clicked
> print...and it prints. Try the above with a normal user and it just goes
> through the motions. I've run spadmin and tried adding another printer
> manually there and none of that works. I can also run spadmin as root, click
> on print test page with the generic printer and it works. I can su as another
> user, crank up spadmin and click test page, and it goes through the motions
> but nothing prints. No errors in the console window either. What gives?

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