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[K12OSN] Openoffice won't print --*resolved*

 I've finally changed the command to kprinter --stdin. Now I have 2 printer
dialogs to click through but everyone is printing. I had to make sure
defaults were set to US letter and switch that command. I wonder what the
deal was? Thanks to all for your help in getting this resolved. For future
reference I'm including the configuration I was having the problems with.

WBEL--Eric's k12ltsp 3 packages
Openoffice 1.0.2
Cups print services
HP 4300n laserjet

We're currently piloting hp 5300 terminals (from diskless
workstations.com---awesome) and ltsp as a teacher desktop solution.
Surprisingly...things are looking good. Especially now that they can print ;-)

Caleb Wagnon MCP A+ CCNA
Technology Coordinator
Fordyce School District

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