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RE: [K12OSN] Are you using Open Source Software in K-12?

Tony, thanks for your input. We appreciate your efforts. I'll check into the
questions you raise. Basha

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Subject: Re: [K12OSN] Are you using Open Source Software in K-12?

I'm taking this survey now, and the pages are very slow to load. Some of the
quesstions areredundant, too. I think the survey should be all on one page.
Why two questions to a page, then a 2 minute wait for the next page to load?


Basha Krasnoff wrote:
> Colleagues,
> If you are using open source software in K-12, please take ten minutes 
> to complete our online user survey at http://www.netc.org/surveys/oss.
> The Open Options Project at the Northwest Educational Technology 
> Consortium
> (NETC) is an independent research project serving K-12 educators. We
> extensive online survey research and phone interviews with current K-12
> users of open source software to provide pragmatic information and
> decision-making tools.
> Our unique, research-based Web site, Open Options: Making Decisions 
> about Open Source Software for K-12, (http://www.netc.org/openoptions) 
> draws on survey responses to address such questions as, "What 
> advantages does OSS afford educators? Can it save money? Close digital 
> divides? Support effective learning communities?"
> Open Options provides analysis of the issues faced when adopting open 
> source software in K-12 settings and offers suggestions about how to 
> decide if it's right for you. It suggests ways to talk with 
> stakeholders and how to take the next steps.
> K-12 OSS users please complete our online survey at 
> http://www.netc.org/surveys/oss
> And if you are a K-12 decision-maker evaluating your investment in 
> OSS, please consider investing about 30 minutes in a phone interview 
> to share your insights into the true costs and outcomes of adopting 
> and implementing open source solutions. E-mail Basha Krasnoff at 
> oss survey netc org or call her at 1.800.547.6339 to schedule an 
> interview.
> We look forward to hearing from you and meeting you at our sessions on 
> open source software at upcoming conferences like ACPE, NCCE, and 
> NECC. Freely share this invitation to participate with other 
> educators, especially via e-mail lists.
> Thank you.
> (NETC is not affiliated with any software vendor or open source 
> software project. It is a federally-funded center at the Northwest 
> Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL), a private, nonprofit 
> institution.)
> Basha Krasnoff
> Research and Evaluation Specialist
> Technology in Education Center (NETC)
> Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
> 101 SW Main Street, Suite 500
> Portland, Oregon 97204
> Tel: 503.275.9643
> Fax: 503.275.0449
> E-mail: krasnofb nwrel org
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