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[K12OSN] RE:Fonts in GCompris

I am running k12ltsp 3.xx and I have a problem with GCompris on the clients.
None of the fonts show up on the clients screens. All I get are little boxes
where the words should be. When I run it from the box that is the server
everything displays perfectly. I have tried adjusting the monitor resolution
in lts.conf, but not the color depth. I have to use one of the mode lines or
my monitors won't work. (sorry that i have not copied it here. the machine
is at another site. it is the 60 hz modeline for 1024 x 768 for those of you
who have this stuff memorized.) The other funky part is that the mouse
pointer is not a solid color, but has lines through it like the second pass
of an interlaced monitor didn't take place.

Next question: Where is tuxpaint supposed to be. It is not on the menu, and
it is not listed in the packages. On my test server with 4.01 it is there,
and I absolutely love it. (So does my 4 yr old) I am envisioning great
things for it with the k, 1st, and 2nd grades as a way to integrate
technology with language arts.


Tim Kaldahl
Maplewood Academy
I.T. Coordinator

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