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Re: LDAP Re: [K12OSN] samba pdc - ltsp

should be: "we have NT 4.0 PDC..." sorry ( sorry about the smaller mistakes too)

Mikko Jordman wrote:

How about external LDAP? Our user information is there and I would like
have authentication with the ( city education dept) LDAP and home
directories etc. on the LTSP-server.
Today we gave NT 4.0 PCC (home directories there now, not used by
LTSP)and Win98 clients, but as soon as possible we are migrating to
LTSP-environment. Everything else is already working except the
authentication. Use of the LDAP is importamt, because mailserver and
intranet aree using same LDAP.


Brian Chase wrote:

Your quickest way to do this is with NIS on your Whitebox.

Caleb Wagnon wrote:

Brian Chase said:

A little more information would be good like:

- What box is running your PDC? Windows? Which specific OS.

WhiteBox Enterprise Linux--Samba 3.0

- Which is the master user database, PDC or LTSP box?


- If it's Windows, are you running Windows Terminal Services as well?

Ick. *vomit*

- Are you running Active Directory

No. more *vomit*

- Do you already have an LDAP server set up somewhere on your network?

No. OMG everything comes back to LDAP. I may actually have to implement this
sooner or later.

Can't expect a clear detailed answer if you don't give some detail.....

Sorry I wasn't more clear in my first post. I was mainly probing for anyone
that may have done this before I got into detail. Well....that and it's a busy
day and I was too lazy to type all that info =P

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