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Re: [k12OSN] LCD monitor question


I will second the opinion on the LCD's.  I was lucky enough to be able to get both  LCD's and Epia-based fanless thin clients with grant money. (Total power consumption is about 65W per system)  My only disagreement is on what size screen to use.  NCS ended up opting for 15" LCD's. In the tech lab, they are large enough that 1024x768 is easily readable, but small enough that the kids do not get lost behind them (and the teacher can use the whiteboard without worrying that the monitors will block the view).  It really comes down to what you will be doing with them. If intensive graphics is on the agenda, then the 17" might be preferable, even at the extra cost.  

I have a picture of the lab, but cannot send it to the list (just a little to big).  If you want to see what our lab looks like, let me know and I will send it directly to you.

One final comment: LCD monitors are light, so the kids need to be careful about knocking them off the stations with backpacks, etc.  The tech teacher has banned backpacks from the room because of these concerns. (the kids leave the backpacks at the door, or in a line at the front of the room).  Sharp pencils, pointing at things on the screen with pencils, fingers are also concerns.

Dave Hopkins
> Luis,
> Opinions vary, but here goes:
> Since video is THE most important feedback I get from a desktop computing 
> device with current technology, I am personally willing to commit up to 
> 50% of my budget on adequate display technology for an LTSP environment. 
>   I would not spend additional money to go to a smaller screen, even if 
> there were power savings.
> My suggestion is to spend that money of getting a quarter or half the lab 
> set up on 17" LCD's with 1024x768, and when you get more, incrementally grow.
> I also am a strong believer in optimized, silent, fanless thin clients, 
> but that priority would only be after I'd gotton all 17" LCD's for the 
> entire lab.  Those CRT's put out more heat than anything, driving up AC 
> costs, and consuming power.  The CPU's on donated PC's converted to thin 
> clients don't consume nearly as much power or generate the sort of heat 
> that the CRT's do, so they should follow IMHO.
> Regards,
> BC
> luis montes cox net wrote:

> > My son's school just recently raised some more cash for the technology 
> department.
> > One of the goals of the department is to add more workstations to the lab.
> > Its an older school and the lab is about tapped as far as power consumption 
> goes.
> > 
> > One idea i had is to use some of the money on flat screen panels to reduce the 
> power/space/heat that the 17" CRTs are creating.
> > 14" LCDs at 800*600 would be fine if I could find them cheap enough.
> > However, I'm a little concerned with the younger students pressing on the 
> screens with their fingers. 
> > Anyone have any experience with using the glare filters in front of them for 
> protection? Are they even necessary?
> > 
> > I'm hoping that LCDs in conjuction with some of the disklessworkstaion.com 
> thin clients would make a huge difference in the amount of power that the lab is 
> using.
> > 
> > Any thoughts?
> > 
> > Luis
> > 
> > 
> > 
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