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[K12OSN] New menus - Reduced application collection


I would like to drive a process to create a reduced set of applications
for a K12 teaching environment, selected for Thin-Client friendliness,
coverage of subject area, and application quality. I would dearly like
to have One good application for each task - i.e. we must choose between
Thunderbird and Evolution. Feel free to add both, but add comments
as to why it should be included (or not).

The first thing to specify is categories. I have a set below, but I
welcome any changes. I am picking gnome over kde apps - we need one
flavour ? I encourage people to use the Wiki (linked above) rather
than the mailing list, but if you think the mailing list is more
appropriate ..

Should Categories be ordered/flagged by Grade ?

Cheers,    Andy!

      Local computer navigation
          o Nautilus - file browser
          o Run arbitrary program - Window manager specific
          o gnome-terminal - Terminal program
          o MToolsFM - Floppy administration on clients
          o ktuberling - how to use a mouse
          o vncviewer - remote desktop viewer

          o Firefox
          o Thunderbird
          o Bluefish - HTML composer

          o ooimpress - OO impress - presentations
          o oowriter - OO Writer - Word processor
          o oodraw - OO Draw
          o oocalc - OO spreadsheet
          o Gnumeric (remove - duplication with OO ?)
          o Abiword (remove - duplication within OO ?)
          o gedit - Notepad
          o xpdf - PDF Viewer
          o scribus - Desktop Publisher
          o gnucash - Personal Finance Manager

      Games - cannot do without these ..

          o Tuxpaint (remove - too network intensive)
          o The Gimp (remove - too complicated ?)
          o Sodipodi - drawing program
          o gthumb - image viewer


          o xcalc - calculator
          o gperiodic - Periodic Table
          o gonvert - Units converter

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