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Re: [K12OSN] Crossover office


As much as I hate to say this but your better option, performance, speed, compatibility and price is with Server 2003. The benchmarks we ran with 2003 were much better than with any other option. BUT you'll need a hefty server and lots of patience configuring the 2003 server SW so that it can be used. (Seems than M$ in an attempt to block hacks, virius & attacks locked the server down soooooo tight that it barely works :-D )

good luck

krsnendu orcon net nz wrote:

I am considering my options of Crossover office vs Win Server 2003 for our school. We can get licences for Win Server 2003 quite cheap, but it would be easier to manage if we only had one server to maintain.

It also comes down to costs. The educational pricing for Crossover office is $52 where as the server version is $1500 for 25 licences.


If I install Crossover office professional on my K12LTSP server, will all the clients be able to concurrently access it? Or would I have to get the server version?


If we can use Crossover office Professional that would be the preferred soln, if we had to pay for the server version for concurrent access then WS2003 would obviously be a better solution.

We can get it for about (annual) $65 server licence, $6.50 each terminal licence. We get Office XP for free.


Any advice?



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