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Re: [K12OSN] Appletalk and K12LTSP

Jim Hays wrote:
(OSX). Once again, I can log in with SMB with no problem, but AFP does not show any volumes. I have checked and checked and checked the AppleVolumes.default file and manually set the -sysvol file in afpd.conf.
Any ideas.

Sorry Jim, coming into this thread late (seems to be the norm for me lately) -- but if the linux ownership isn't right for a folder, the user doesn't see it in the chooser (or OSX equivalent). At least, I think that is the case.

So basically, if you are sharing /files/macstuff -- make user jshmoe has permission to see that folder in linux. The simplest way is to make jsmoe *own* it, for testing purposes -- group sticky bits, etc, are really squirrelly in the netatalk install I have. Make sure it works with a user owning the folder, then tweak permissions, etc.

That might all be little help, but what the heck. :)

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