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Re: [K12OSN] Appletalk and K12LTSP

Thanks for the info Jim.

I have not rebooted the show server. I restart atalk after each change. I will try that.

Thanks again.

Jim Kronebusch wrote:

No. I am testing with OSX. I believe that it is also the case with OS9, but I would have to drive to another location to test that.

You know it is a little more time consuming but for me I have had mixed
results just restarting the netatalk service after making changes. I
just reboot the whole server now when I make a change. I have made
changes before that I thought didn't work, but then rebooting the whole
machine made them work.

Also there is a name in netatalk.conf (ATALK_NAME=whatever), does the
name assigned in there match the one that you hard coded into afpd.conf?

Sorry for my minimal knowledge here but who knows, maybe it'll help.

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