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Re: [K12OSN] Open Office on Windows

If I were still the classroom teacher of computer apps, I would be using OO.(full network admin now instead).
I had purchased 1 copy of each of the books from the Calc,Writer, Presenter, and one that was an Essesntials Compendium of all three together.
They books were well written(by the doc lady who did Star Office's I believe).
I can't find the website and my feable google'n attempt didn't come up with a recognizable hit.

I can ask our librarian to get the ISBN numbers if you like.

(taught MS-Office for 4 years...OO would be a much much easier suite to teach even with NO books, as the menu'ing system is MUCH more intuitive)

Jim Hays wrote:

This is probably the wrong forum to ask this question, but here goes anyway......

Is anyone using Open Office as a primary office suite on Windows at the high school level? (We are considering a switch from MS Office to OOo - or even Star Office.) If so, do you teach it in your computer classes? What textbook, if any, do you use?


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