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Re: [K12OSN] Server Help! (a little desperate)

(At the console here... 1/2 hour left till my staff leaves, just crossing my fingers until then...)

My current plan is to take copy everything over to a second exactly identical server that I have in the rack. I bought (4) total this past summer, with the plan to set up application servers if the need arises. It gives me the advantage that I have identical hardware sitting in front of me.

I could just swap the drives from the array, and put them into the 2nd server, but if it's indeed a hard drive issue, that won't help much.

Any way to torture test my server once I have the second one set up? I don't really want to wait for a district's worth of staff members to test it on Monday... Oh, specs:

HP G3 Rackmount server
-Dual 3.2 Xeon CPUs, 2MB cache
-ULTRA320 RAID (the 641 card) and 4 ultra320 36GB drives in RAID5
-6GB system RAM (only using 4GB, didnt' want to experiment with the bigmem kernel)
-/home mounted via gigabit NFS on a separate isolated gig switch (my "network backplane")
-dual embedded gig ethernet ports (using the tg3 kernel module)

The only recent change I made, is that I mounted a windows 2003 server share onto /mnt/sds -- so that I could create a symlink into a staffmember's folder. In case it's an issue with that, I have unmounted that share. Has anyone heard of a mounted smb share causing such things?

Thanks for brainstorming with me. Ironically, next week I present at a conference about our current setup. This weekend may add a few slides to the presentation. :)


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