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Re: [K12OSN] Crossover office

Not in my experience. What I looked for was evidence of shared code being used by multiple users, a'la Mozilla or OO.o. I did see that evidence. The WINE libraries appear to get loaded once. From what it looks like, something similar happens when you load MS Office XP. So, it appears to behaving the same as other apps generally do on GNU/Linux. What appears to matter is how many apps you have open in the first place, be they Win32 or native, so if you've got 25 people loading all of OO.o, MS Office, The GIMP, Mozilla, etc., then you're going to want to look at large DRAM.

DISCLAIMER: I do not run this in production. I am a beta tester, and I test this in my spare time at home.

No special tweaks that I noticed to installing Xover on a LTSP server, other than adding the path to Xover to your /etc/skel files. That of course assumes that you want to do "Start"/Run and type "winword.exe".


Steve Hargadon wrote:

I'm interested in:

1)  Has it been your experience that an LTSP server, already
configured and running a certain number of workstations with
OpenOffice, Mozilla, etc., needs any additional power or memory when
you add Crossover Office?

2)  Are there any configuration tweaks to installing Crossover Office
on and LTSP-configured server?


On Fri, 01 Oct 2004 14:09:17 -0400, Terrell Prudé, Jr.
<microman cmosnetworks com> wrote:

Krsnendu wrote:

I am considering my options of Crossover office vs Win Server 2003 for
our school. We can get licences for Win Server 2003 quite cheap, but
it would be easier to manage if we only had one server to maintain.

It also comes down to costs. The educational pricing for Crossover
office is $52 where as the server version is $1500 for 25 licences.

If I install Crossover office professional on my K12LTSP server, will
all the clients be able to concurrently access it? Or would I have to
get the server version?

If we can use Crossover office Professional that would be the
preferred soln, if we had to pay for the server version for concurrent
access then WS2003 would obviously be a better solution.

We can get it for about (annual) $65 server licence, $6.50 each
terminal licence. We get Office XP for free.

Any advice?

Go for it.  I am currently an "advocate" for Xover Office, specifically
the Time Matters app, and thus I get the beta copies.  CrossOver
Professional great with K12LTSP and multiple simultaneous users, and I
know this because that's what I test it on.  :-)  I find it way, way
more efficient than any version of Windows Terminal Server, despite
Microsoft's marketing claims.  For that reason, you won't need nearly
the server farm with CrossOver Office (any version, Server included)
that you'll need with Windows Terminal Server, for the same amount of
users.  Thus, you save big time on the costs for the physical servers.


You will need to pay for each user concurrently using CrossOver
Professional.  Yes, the software will let you "get away" with it w/o
paying, but that's software piracy and not fair to CodeWeavers.  For 25
users, that's $1300.  Note that the aforementioned reduced hardware cost
for servers will more than equal out any initial price difference
between the Microsoft solution and that of K12LTSP/CodeWeavers, so you
actually spend *less* with the latter, not more.  The following question
is also raised:  is classroom instruction time, or time spent
maintaining computers, more valuable to the Powers That Be?

Speaking of price, I'd love to know how you're getting MS Office XP for
free.  Our district sure doesn't, so if you'd be willing, could you
provide me with the contact info for your contract negotiatiors
(off-list for this is fine)?  I'd like to pass this on to the folks who
negotiate our contracts.  Yes, I'm dead serious; we could conceivably
save a lot of money on our MS Office bill with whatever your district
did...again, if you'd be comfortable sharing this.

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