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Re: [K12OSN] What area to restore from backup?

Joseph Bishay wrote:


I am having a weird problem - the students have been resetting the server by hitting the reboot button. So far there hasn't been any hardware issues, but I have noticed an unusual thing: the clients are no longer responding to ctrl-alt-+/- in order to change the monitor resolution. Many of the screens have reverted to 640x480 resolution, which is rather useless. They're not responding to any changes using X_MODE_0 or anything else.

It has been suggested that the rebooting has caused the files relating to client boot-up have been corrupted. I have backups using Mondo Archive, but I'd like to know what directory I need to restore. Or is it possible there is something else?

I am using the Redhat 9 version of k12ltsp.

Thank you kindly.

What I believe you want to restore is /opt/ltsp/i386/. That's where everything for the clients lives--settings, X11 server, and so on.

I trust that the server itself behaving as expected when you sit in front of it?

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