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Re: [K12OSN] Demonstration site

Jay Pfaffman wrote:

I'd like a third site where I give them a server and allow them to use
their in-place PeeCees as thin clients.  The questions are, how much
machine do I need to run 20 clients?  What can I do with dual AMD XP
2600+ and 120GB serial ATA and 1 GB of ram?  2GB?

I've considered getting a small portable machine with a single
Ethernet card to take out to schools just to do a demo with their
in-place machines.  Would it make sense to walk in with a
pre-configured server and the universal boot disk?  (Given that I
could get a block of IPs, I guess).
Does the Universal boot disk really work (it didn't the one time I
tried to use it).

Ideas for getting into a school and showing things off as quickly as
possible are what I'm looking for.

with that machine you can easily run 20 clients...using Gnome even...and OpenOffice/Mozilla...
Tux would crash you out after about the 3rd station(in my experience without a gig switch)...

I've been wondering the same on the mobile unit....
if you got a laptop with a built-in ethernet(gig would be kewl)...and a pcmcia-10/100 card...
you could foreseeably(is that really a word?) grab that with a couple YEStation Mini's(VERY small units) or other 'terminals'
and a nice little 4..n port switch and rock their worlds =)

Expense is an issue with me and a laptop is not cost-effective enough for me to buy...I just waste my manpower(self) and carry a huge
server around if I need to demo for a school or other clientel. Or just the 4 installation CD's...and show them the install process and how
simple that is as well! chat 'em up while the cd's are installing...show them your slick spreadsheets showing the cost/benefit analysis of LTSP vs. MS
all that jazz...


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