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Re: [K12OSN] DHCP on a non-standard port

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Why does it need to listen on a nonstandard port?

On Oct 1, 2004, at 5:04 PM, Jay Pfaffman wrote:

I'm in a university environment and would like to be able to run lab
machines as thin clients off my server.  I know how to create a boot
image that'll boot from a non-standard port and can figure out how to
tell my machine to listen on one.  What I don't understand is what to
do from there.  Do I need to create entries for the machines?  That
doesn't make sense because I can't know what address they'll get from
DHCP.  Does my DHCP server relay the request somehow?  Does the client
do two DHCP lookups, first from the university server and then, using
that IP request where to get its boot image from mine?  I don't want
to have my DHCP server handing out bogus IPs on the university network
(done that before--it's not fun).
Jay Pfaffman                           <pfaffman utk edu>
Asst Professor of Instructional Technology, U. TN, Knoxville
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