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Re: [K12OSN] Server Help! (a little desperate)

Guy Lessard wrote:

Shawn Powers wrote:

Shawn Powers wrote:


And again... Just froze up solid. Man, for a Friday, today is pretty cruddy...


Maybe checkout basic things like:
Blow out the dirt from the CPU fan, make sure it works
In the BIOS, you can monitor the temperature of the cpu and other components
Can you monitor the cpu voltages (datalogging)
Yes, run memtest on your RAM
See that all pci boards are properly seated
Did you recently added a new or updated software/daemon?

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I agree, run memtest on the ram overnight. Also, you should be able to download a utility from the hard disk manufacturer to test it fully. Some are non destructive. Apart from ram and hd I would ask you if you changed any BIOS settings, especially anything to do with power saving features. I'm not sure how to test a NIC though.

When it freezes does video screen stay up. Cause if it does, I would run "top" to see the last program that ran and see if there is a pattern.

Also, if your power supply is failing things like this can happen. You have to rule things out 1 at a time.

Good luck Shawn.
PS if an staff tell you "I told you so". Remind them not to view any jpegs in IE. ; )

Robert Arkiletian

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