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Re: [K12OSN] CISCO vpn client for linux

Lewis Holcroft wrote:

Hi all,

I have rolled out a K12LTSP 4.0 cluster of 5 servers (I could upgrade but I just got this installation working and am going to wait a while) and now that we have all the equipment in we are told that the client needs to use a $MS product. The vendor does not offer a Linux version so....

The first step is to set up a vpn link. The vendor uses CISCO 3000 series product and has sent along a copy of the cisco vpn client version

This requires the kernel source to install. That was fun to install.

When I start the daemon I get messages about tainting the kernel, which concerns me. Should I be concerned? I think so.

Is anyone running this vpn client?

If so, does it work well or have problems?



I have been using the Cisco VPN Client since v4.0.3B, up to and including the 4.6 version specified above, since 4.0.3B came out. Works fine, though for 2.6 kernels, experience has taught me that you will need the 4.6 version for reliable operation.

I have successfully done this on Red Hat Linux 9, Slackware GNU/Linux 9.1 and 10.0, and SuSE Linux 9.1. "Tainted" simply means that a proprietary, i. e. non-GPL kernel module is getting inserted into the kernel. Doesn't affect operation, but I wish Cisco would be less anally retentive about the GPL.

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