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Re: [K12OSN] OT: Anyone got experience of Tomcat (windows and linux)

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Ah, I think I might not have explained correctly:
I have History Education CD, which installs a Tomcat and a MySQL server on Windows. It then copies a load of videos and clips and text onto this server.
However we dont have a (permanent) windows server. So i want to create do the installation on a temporary Windows server and then copy the data, from server to server. i.e. like if it was apache i would copy c:\httpd\htdocs directory to the /var/www/html directory.
Whilst I'm ok moveing the MySQL data from server to server, i'm not so sure about the Tomcat...
However as i don't have experience of setting up Tomcat on Linux, I'm looking for help setting it up the Tomcat on Linux. As i cant even see where $catalina_home is, or where it is even meant to be!
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Subject: RE: [K12OSN] OT: Anyone got experience of Tomcat (windows and linux)

 >  Does anyone have any experience of using Apache Tomcat? 
 I did setup a Tomcat server about 2 years ago.  I don't remember most of the details but I can confirm that it does run with Apache on Windows.  I think there were some prerequisites to download j2ree and the sdk and make some manual path adjustments for the windows environment.  Also there was about a 10 line addition or so that had to be appended to my Apache config to call on Tomcat.  It didn't support Java Bean technology so I ended up switching to Resin 2.0 for Java support.  But for the short time it was running it seemed to work fine.  Good luck, it wasn't a fun process, but it is at least possible.

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