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Re: [K12OSN] Install 4.0.1 kernel panic

I have a machine with the same problem...
I resorted to installing debian on it =)

had purchased a new server anyway...so I just scrap'd try'n it on that hardware...

sorry not much help from me...but if you find out please let me know =)


Joshua Sanders wrote:

First, I like to say that this is the best list I have ever been a part
of. I have written once before and the answers solved it.

I am now 3 months into using k12LTSP, and with pretty good sucess. I have
3 servers running it, on about 30 workstations. I just downloaded k12LTSP
4.0.1 last week (though I just noticed they had 4.1.1 out 10 minutes ago)
and have used it on three machines (1 server and 2 stand-alones.) Today
one of my may servers crashed (inconsistancies on the HD,) but it was not
big deal, it was up for an upgrade anyway so (it was running 3.0.1) so i
switched the machines to the other servers and proceeded to install 4.0.1.

I put the CD in the tray, press enter... it loads the vmluniz and the init
then about a half of a second later it gets a kernel panic. I am at a
loss. I have unplugged the HD, tested every memory stick, turned off
Hyper-threading, typed linux rescue... all with the same result. I am
currently downloading 4.1.1 to see if it gives the same error but thought
I would ask to see if anyone else has had this happen and what I can do.

Xeon 2.4 w/hyperthreading
2 GB mem
120 GB HD
1000 b/t NIC
GA-8EGXDR Server Board

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