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Re: [K12OSN] K12LTSP & Novell (was: KDE and Groupwise (Novell))

Guy Lessard wrote:


*There have been some rumours, corroborated by some CVS commits <http://cvs-digest.org/?issue=aug202004>, which show work going on in KDE-PIM <http://pim.kde.org/> on a configuration wizard for the Novell Groupwise <http://www.novell.com/products/groupwise/> client. Also the aKademy interview with Will Stephenson <http://dot.kde.org/1093691383/> talks about the integration of Groupwise functionality in Kopete <http://kopete.kde.org/>. Can you elaborate more on this?*

We are working on the integration of KDE tools in the other products from Novell. Groupwise is the most prominent of these and is a collaboration tool that offers messaging, calendar and mail services to the user. You can now use KDE tools such as Kopete together with the Groupwise messenger and you can use Kontact <http://www.kontact.org/> to access the corporate calender and address-book and also for email.


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Hopefully they review the pam module as well, it can use some 'fixes'

By the way I finally got a "GO" to release my documentation on how to :
- use Novell as a DHCP server &
- Map a Linux /home to a NDS /home (so no user data anymore on the Linux box!)
in a K12LTSP environment.

Someone (from this list) is currently testing my stuff on another system,
once that is done I will post the how-to on http://ltsp.criticalcontrol.com



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foodoo-magic is insufficiently advanced.

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