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Re: [K12OSN] Improve loading time for OOo

Jay Pfaffman wrote:
I'm not speaking from experience, but 20 year old knowledge of unix. After the first user has loaded OOo on the server, those parts should
be in memory (as your Windows example). So OOs should load faster for
the 2nd and later users.

It seems like OOo is chewing up 55Mb of memory for each user who starts an instance of it (according to 'System monitor'), with the exception of first user, whose OOo ads about 65Mb to the 'used memory' tally. So I guess you're right in your assumption that users share parts of the program in memory.

NB that the first time a user runs OOo, a script copies a bunch of
setup stuff to their home directory, so OOo will run faster for users
after the 1st time.

Yes, I'e noticed that it starts slightly faster on subsequent runs.... It still takes almost 40 seconds though.

Hardware is dual AMD Athlon XP1700 w. 1Gb SDRAM, user homes exported from an E-smith SME server using NFS

cheers Samps

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