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Re: [K12OSN] Woe is me: Onboard SCSI/RAID Controller

I was over optimistic in the cost of a SCSI RAID controller. Looking at pricewatch.com, while a plain Adaptec SCSI controller can be had for under $150, getting RAID bumps the price up to the $300-$400+ range.


Petre Scheie wrote:
One idea to consider: if, as Les recommended, you try to install K12LTSP and it does not work with the on-board SCSI controller, you might just buy another SCSI controller card and use that instead. You *should* be able to disable the on-board SCSI. That way you can still use the system; it's only the SCSI controller that's apt to give you problems, so just replace that part, effectively. I think you can get a good SCSI RAID controller for about $150, perhaps less.


Debbie Schiel wrote:

Les Bell wrote:

Brian Chase <networkr0 cfl rr com> wrote:

It sounds like you went off and bought a motherboard and now that you've found it doesn't support a particular version of Redhat, you're completely willing to change your original plan. Not a good idea. <<

In all fairness to Debbie, she probably saw some Acer Altos blurb that said
"supports Red Hat Linux, supports SuSE Linux", etc. I got caught the same
way - bought a couple of Acer Altos G301 servers for a school, on the
understanding that Red Hat 7.3 and 8.0 were supported (and 9 shouldn't be a
problem, you'd think) - only to find out that the on-board RAID controller
was a MegaIDE chipset that only has precompiled binary drivers and only
supports the kernel supplied on the RH 7.3 and 8.0 CD-ROMs. If you want to
download and use a later official RH kernel, as a bug fix or security
patch, tough - you're out of luck. Acer tech support were less than helpful
- they had shipped a driver and as far as they were concerned, that was
Linux support and if I didn't like it, I knew what I could do. . . .

Thanks Les & Brian for your advice.

Unfortunately I was not the one responsible for buying the server. If I was I would've chosen something different. Some guys down in ACT (home of Samba) who were trialling K12ltsp gave me recommended hardware specs from their supplier specifically for K12ltsp. And my school got another quote from a different (non-linux) source. During the holidays in my absence they (the ones with the money & the final say) bought the Acer server from this other supplier. I am the IT co-ordinator/teacher by the way, but we're a small independant school and I don't feel like I can grumble about all the money spent on this server (even though I wish we could take the Acer back to the supplier this instant!)

So I'll follow your suggestions, and try an install of K12ltsp on the Acer this weekend. Hopefully I'll have some good news to report!


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