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Re: [K12OSN] Java Textbook!

Steve Monson wrote:
The *free* on-line book by Bruce Eckles is required reading where I
work, and is available in print as well.  It's called Thinking in
Java, at http://www.mindview.net/Books/TIJ/.  It's a very good
introduction to OOP, and introduces Java classes/concepts with each

I highly recommend it.

I just downloaded this book. It says:

"This book assumes that you have some programming familiarity: you understand that a program is a collection of statements, the idea of a subroutine/function/macro, control statements such as "if" and looping constructs such as "while," etc. However, you might have learned this in many places, such as programming with a macro language or working with a tool like Perl. As long as you've programmed to the point where you feel comfortable with the basic ideas of programming, you'll be able to work through this book."

Where may I learn subroutine/function/macro, etc.
Are there more such free ebooks available, good tutorials, etc. that you hackers would recommend?
I have not programmed (besides basic html and css, if that counts) since writing in Basic on an Atari 400 at the age of 11 (24 years ago).

I'd like to learn more about programming again.

Anthony Baldwin
Freedom to Learn!

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