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Re: [K12OSN] Setting Frequencies of monitor.

I suggest that you use a common configuration for all your terminals, use one of the suggested configurations in lts.conf, just remove the hash sign "#" in front of your choice.
P.S. do'nt do like me and use a too high a vertical refresh rate, some monitors did not like this :-( .

If you still want to tweak each monitor, you need to know exactly the monitor specs (max resolution, horizontal and vertical ranges and use a modeline calculator like this one:
Good luck.

bimal pandit wrote:

hello list,

i am running ltsp server on redhat linux 9, with ltsp server 3.0.2, i
have different monitors with various models, now i want to set frequency
of each of them so that it should not pinch to my eyes as it does. i.e.
what i want is it should match as per the best fit/available resolution
and frequency, so what is the CONCEPT/CALCULATION procedure of this to
set, i know the parameter are:-  X_HORZSYNC, X_VERTREFRESH
but i want to know the concept...

could anyone help me in this??



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