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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP Setup question.

Brad Bendily wrote:

Hi, I'm sure this question has been asked and answered before, but I'm not
really sure how to look up the question, so i thought I would start here
and let you guys point me to some good articles or threads on the

I downloaded K-12LTSP and I have it installed and everything
seems to be running fine. However, I would like to have the
configuration be a little different than the default.

I want my server to be setup with only 1 NIC and I'd like the workstations
to remain on the public LAN.
So I guess this means I would have to have my already existing DHCP
server hand out the location of the LTSP tftp server?

I'm not sure what else I would have to change. Is there any existing docs
out there for this type of setup?

Brad B

1. Make sure the DHCPD on the LTS is stopped and the service is NOT started again after the next reboot. (On Fedora Core 1 run levels 3,4 & 5)
2. Tweak the setting of the DHCP server to accomodate your requirements.
In the DHCP Service Config
Add the 5 values listed below:
Code Option Name Value(s)
6 Domain Name Server
17 Root Path
28 Broadcast Address
66 TFTP Server Name
67 Boot File Name /lts/vmlinuz.ltsp

(In our test environment the LTS box had IP and the Novell DHCP server was

What bread is the existing DHCP server?
Novell other Linux or ...?



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foodoo-magic is insufficiently advanced.

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