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Re: [K12OSN] Intrigue !!!!

norbert wrote:

I know that this is off topic but I had to share this "gem"......

The school board into which we have had fantastic success with K12ltsp in the schools has "announced" that they will replace at their cost the teacher computers, most of which are circa P-I !!!, with new Windows thin-clients.

Now the "kicker", after arguing with us that their strategic direction was to centralize all the servers, hence why the board was NOT supporting K12LTSP deployment, the board is offering to set-up & install locally SUN Servers to run the Windows thin-clients.

First comment - how in hell do you run a Windows thin-client from a SUN server and second why would anyone in their right mind agree to this.



It does sound a bit contradictive. Being for K12LTSP and wanting to go Windows, running Windows off or against Sun servers....

Could it be a misunderstanding from someone to whom everything with a GUI and icons is 'Windows'?

A kid from school asked me yesterday: "So when are you going to put XP on the computers...?", he was looking over my shoulder as I was setting up a template IceWM LTSP client...

cheers Samps

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