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Re: [K12OSN] can't access samba shares from winxp

Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:

Dear Folks,
what do I need to do to have full access to samba shares from a
winxp computer? The win98 and win2k boxes have no problem finding the
shares by names set up in smb.conf, like, say "\\private\home". The winxp
pro can find the samba servers only by address and finds only the publicly
accessible stuff - nothing with user level authentication. This is the
case for both K12LTSP 3.1.2 and 4.1.0. It is rather annoying to users and
they annoy me in turn, unfortunately I am really hoplessly lost when it
comes to M$ setups. Thanks, julius

Hello Julius,

I was in a smaller-scale version of the same situation about a year ago. The whole shop runs XP on the desktop, but GNU/Linux and Samba 3.0 on the server. What it sounds like is a WINS issue. Are your XP boxes pointing to the same NBNS as the Samba box? They need to be, otherwise things'll break.

If that checks out, though, then you might be looking at a stale WINS cache on the Samba server. This assumes that your NBNS is Samba. Stop nmbd, head over to the /var/lib/samba directory and delete wins.dat. Restart nmbd. This helped me out of a jam just last week with a new server install; "server01" was resolving to, the original IP address of the server, but I had changed it to something else.

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