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Re: [K12OSN] my laptop in the lab

You are better off running an IMAP mail server and grabbing your pop mail from your provider with fetchmail, then serving it out over the internet via Secure IMAP (port 99x). Then all your mail will be available to you from anywhere on the internet, including drafts and sent items from any location.

Liam Marshall wrote:

I have a reasonably well working lab setup with a ltsp server and 31
thin clients.

I teach project images from my laptop which I boot into the network from
the nic, effectively making my laptop a thin client.  I also check my
mail, etc while logged in as a thin client.

My laptop, stand alone, is loaded with a dual boot windows XP (the evil
empire) and a Fedora Core 1 installation.  I check my mail while not
connected to the LTSP as well.

this leaves me with mail in two locations.  I would like to consolidate
the mail.  and save stuff to my local hd so I can take it home to mark

Is it possible to connect my Core 1 installation to the LTSP server and
access the "shares" on it?  Then I would not connect via LTSP but
through that other way and still be able to show a screen to the kids
similar to what they are looking at, and get files that I can "take
home" on my local hard drive.

opinions? Advice?

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