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Re: [K12OSN] Woe is me: Onboard SCSI/RAID Controller

Robert Arkiletian wrote:
Quoting Debbie Schiel <debbie redeemer qld edu au>:

Hi Robert, That was very good news, very encouraging, and yes it did help enormously.

I tried installing K12ltsp 4.1.0 with no luck.
Then I tried 4.1.1 as suggested but same result.

Wow that's surprising. I don't know why kernel 2.6.5 would not work. 4.1.x should work out of the box.

It's probably something I did or overlooked. I will have another go at it though after your comment.

I tried a 'linux dd' with the aic79xx driver from the Gibbs website - nope. Then I tried 3.1.2 which you said you have no problems with and...

Which version of k12ltsp did you try the dud disk with before 3.1.2?

I tried my original 4.1.0 and then the 4.1.1

SUCCESS, it installed! I must admit I also had a lot of over-the-phone help from a contact down in ACT.

Did you use the dud disk with 3.1.2?

No I didn't need it with 3.1.2. RH installed the driver all automatically.

However, now I have a version of K12 that I am unfamiliar with and I can't connect it to the net, or to my demo clients, plus my fix for adding a usb key (which worked on 4.1.0) doesn't work... *sigh*

I don't know how to get usb devices working but connecting to the net should be completly automatic. Just make sure your network cables are plugged in correctly to the server (eth0/ eth1) and if you have a proxy server in the school make sure you put that info into the browser.

Yes - problems there - The hardware browser picks up only ONE network card but I know there are two...

So on one hand I have a sooper dopper G700 with 3.1.2 and I'm not getting anywhere with it (yet!); and on the other hand I have my demo PIII with 4.1.0 that can support a couple clients but is as slow as...

Oh Update! Yesterday I had the test PIII server supporting 4 clients, using just IceWM and Firefox, with no problems at all, for my teachers' demo/workshop of our new web-based php reporting database (hand-coded by yours truely!) I was sooooo pleased.

Let me know how things go. I may still be able to help.

Thanks Robert. I think it's fantastic that everyone has so much advice and expertize to offer and does so gladly.
We will be flying a Redhat/School Networks guru (aka Damien Clarke) up from Canberra (miles away and in another state!) next month to help us out for a couple days. Then I think I should do some formal training, and THEN... start spreading the 'gospel' of K12LTSP (because it is really good news!)

Best regards,



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